21 April 2009

Earth Day April 22nd...

We celebrated Earth Hour back in March - turned out all the lights and pretended we were camping at home, my diligent five year old even had the wind up flashlight ready in case of any emergencies. Andrea, our eco-sustainability expert at our Edmonton Southgate store, informs me that over 4000 cities participated around the world and that Victoria reduced electricity consumption by 3.1%, though the eco-friendlies in Edmonton beat us with an impressive 5.2% reduction.

Tomorrow is Earth Day in Canada and the northern hemisphere, and I got to thinking about what we are doing here at the store. We, and all the Rocky Mountain Soap stores, use Bullfrog Power as well as using 100% recycled paper with more than 50% post consumer waste content, vegetable based inks and packaging that is 100% recyclable. We only use natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced. It is a small start, there is certainly more to be done. For individuals, Andrea sent me the following great ideas to help celebrate Earth Day tomorrow - thanks Andrea!

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day:

1) Get the most bright out of your light! Dust or wipe off your light bulbs.
2) Donate worn towels and blankets to your local vet or animal shelter.
3) Shorten your shower and save 10L of water for every minute reduced.
4) Bring your coffee from home in a to go mug or thermos.
5) USE your reusable bags and stroll proudly past the plastic bags.
6) Rinse your toothbrush in a cup rather than under the tap.
7) Air dry your heavier laundry items such as jeans or towels.
8) Plant a tree or a shrub.
9) Go on a nature walk.
10) Check out the live webcam of Bald Eagles on Hornby Island B.C. It's amazing!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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